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Raleigh Bail Bonds Network is a referral service for bail bondsmen and bail bonds.  We have many years of experience in helping our clients find the right bail bonds agency. When it comes to finding the right bail bondsman in Raleigh, we try to help you avoid making yet another wrong choice.  Sometimes mistakes and accidents happen; don’t let who you choose for bail bond be yet another one. If this is your first time being arrested or you are unfamiliar with the bail bonds process, we will help you find the right agency to take care of your needs.

After an arrest, there is only a short period in which you will be in custody of the jail.  Bail bondsmen will help keep you out of custody.  Call us for a bail bonds referral and the agency should be able to secure your release in just a few hours.  Our bail bonds agents are located throughout Raleigh and will be proud to serve you.  Read the rest of our website to learn more information about the process and then give us a call when in need.

We only refer our clients to the best bail bondsmen, the ones that have shown they are willing to go above and beyond their duties to make sure the accused follows the conditions of their bail and will show at all court proceedings. Our Raleigh bailbond agents play a key role in securing your rights throughout the judicial process. Many of our agencies have worked for over ten years alongside judges, magistrates, and lawyers.  This experience has proven to be an invaluable asset.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get a better sense of how the bail bonds process works. Our Services page will tell you what we do. After an arrest, things may get chaotic and scary. Call Raleigh Bail Bonds Network agent for a human voice to guide you through.

  • How does the bail bonds process in Raleigh work?
  • What if I can’t afford the bail bond?
  • What is an indemnitor and what is collateral?
  • What happens to collateral?
  • What are bail conditions?


Raleigh Bail Bonds Network enables our clients to get in touch with the right agency. A bail bondsman’s role is simple: the accused pays the premium of the bail; a fraction of the bail set by the judge. If the bail the judge sets is $10,000.00 and the premium or the bond is 10%, you pay $1,000.00.